Our Coaches

Great coaching can be the difference between getting the results you want and getting no results at all. Our goal is to help each of our clients achieve a higher level of fitness and overall health.

Stop by the gym anytime to meet out coaches and observe a class.

danielleCoach Danielle
Co-Owner, lvl 1 CrossFit Certified, 2009 World Taekwondo Champion, 4degree Black Belt, Current Ghana National Team Member

I started CrossFit in 2009 to prepare for Taekwondo World Championships while also learning Olympic weightlifting at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs. I fell in love with CrossFit as a training program and began coaching CrossFit in 2012 after opening Hook & Ladder CrossFit with my dad, a retired Fire Fighter. I specialize in weightlifting, programming and weight cutting for combat sport athletes.


Screenshot_2015-04-14-16-49-20-1 Coach Laura

 Affiliate Manager, Lvl 1 CrossFit Certified, CrossFit Football Certified, CrossFit Competitor, UW Graduate

A “couple” years ago, when I was in high school, I thought I’d become a well-rounded college applicant by participating in sports. So, I decided to try out for cheerleading. On the first day of tryouts, the warm-up was to run 10 laps around the track. After barely surviving the first lap, I walked off and never went back. Fortunately, my lack of athleticism didn’t ruin my chances of getting into UW and graduating with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. Flashforward a “couple” more years and two little girls later, after practicing hot yoga religiously for 3 years followed by another 2 years of bootcamps, circuit training, and a handful of _k runs, I heard about this new workout trend called “CrossFit” that’s supposedly “really intense”. So with pure skepticizm, I decided to give this “CrossFit thing” a try. My first class consisted of those mythical “double unders”, cardio demoralizing wall balls, and nausea inducing burpees (which at the time, I still did “pretty”). I got my you-know-what handed to me. I wasn’t going to let an 8lb (yep, I used to use an 8lb med ball) beat me. After completing my intro session at a previous gym, I ended up at Hook and Ladder CrossFit due to a bit of misdirection from my GPS. Danielle gave me a quick tour…then told me to come back another day. So, I did and never looked back. Over the past couple years at HLCF, I’ve competed, interned, and received my Level 1. When the opportunity came up to coach, I left my “real job” to follow my passion. Under the coaching of Danielle and Juan, I have become a stronger, healthier athlete. My main focus is to pass along the same quality and knowledgeable coaching that I was provided with in a safe environment that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.


bobbyCoach Bobby

Lvl 1 CrossFit Certified





scottCoach Scott

Lvl 1 CrossFit Certified







juanCoach Juan

USA Weightlifting Lvl 1 Sports Performance Coach, 13 years of Experience as a HS Varsity Football and Baseball coach, Professional Educator, CWU Graduate

I had always wanted to become a teacher but got caught up in the corporate world during my pursuit and educational years. During my time in corporate, I also juggled coaching Varsity Football and Baseball at the high school level for about 13 years. One day I finally came to my senses, and with support of my amazing wife Sheila, took a leap of faith and quit my job to pursue my dreams. I achieved my dream job and became a High School teacher in 2011. Since then my life has dramatically changed for the better. We have welcomed two amazing little girls and become a true Crossfit Family. My ultimate goal as a coach is to get you to achieve your goals by working to get you strong and improve your movement so you can be the best version of you.




cameronCoach Cameron